The objective of the game is for the Player to collect winnings based on the graphical combinations offered by multiple reels of graphics. Based on the combinations that the reels stop on, a Player can win many different bet multipliers.

Over a long period of time, the game is likely to average a return to the Player of 90.208% of the total bets made.


Participation Instructions and Bet Options

The Player places a bet automatically by entering the game.

The Player may now adjust the number of credits they play per line by clicking on the BET UP or BET DOWN buttons. They may also adjust the number of lines played by clicking on the LINES UP or LINES DOWN buttons.

After the Player has adjusted their bet, they may click the SPIN button. The machine will then animate the reels, eventually stopping on a location. After all the reels have stopped, the game will see if the current combination is a winning one.

If so, the account menu information is adjusted and the game ends. The Win Area displays the amount the Player wins on a single game. After the game is over, if the Player wins, this value is added to the Player’s Balance and when the SPIN button is left-clicked, the Win amount resets to zero. If the Player does not win, the amount shown under Win is zero.

Pressing the LOBBY button unloads the shockwave movie from the browser and returns to the initial game page. If the Player has placed coins into the machine before selecting the LOBBY button, then these funds are returned to the Player and this action is not reflected in the Player’s Balance until they enter another game or view their balance on the Player Balance screen.


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